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2750 Arbutus St.
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Transmission Repair Vancouver

Transmission Repair VancouverHere at AAMCO Transmissions and Total Car Care of Vancouver, we know that the transmission is one of the most complex assemblies in any vehicle—and also one of the most costly to replace. That's why our expert technicians are specially trained to diagnose your problem right the first time.

The AAMCO Transmission Scan service is designed to pinpoint any drivability issues and identify the possible source(s). Whether you have a faulty torque converter, a worn clutch, or deeper mechanical issues, our certified technicians will locate the source of any transmission troubles and provide a comprehensive estimate beforerecommending a major rebuild.

During our exclusive Multi-Point Transmission Scan service, a certified AAMCO technician will:

  • Check transmission fluid levels and clarity
  • Check level and condition of differential and transfer case fluid
  • Perform comprehensive road testing to identify firsthand the problems you are reporting

As one of the most important parts of your powertrain, the transmission is connected to several other components that can also affect normal performance. That's why our external diagnostic scan also covers an inspection of such components as:

  • Shift and TV/detent linkages and cables
  • Vacuum, harness, and ground connections
  • Mounts
  • Final drive
  • Axles and shafts
  • U-joints/CV joints
  • Fluid retention
  • Pan gasket
  • Wiring

Even if this initial inspection fails to conclusively identify the root of your car troubles, AAMCO technicians also have access to some of the most advanced computer diagnostic resources available anywhere. This ensures that you don't pay for services that your vehicle doesn't absolutely need.

Computer and Internal Diagnostics:

Modern vehicles are heavily integrated with computer systems which monitor performance and report any issues via trouble codes. However, these trouble codes are only symptomatic of underlying transmission issues, and often do not provide enough information to identify the source of the trouble. That's why AAMCO Transmissions and Total Car Care of Vancouver has invested in some of the most advanced computer diagnostic resources available anywhere—and the skilled technicians to use them.

AAMCO Computer Scan Service includes:

  • Retrieval of trouble codes, allowing technicians to identify the source(s) of internal transmission problems more easily.
  • Assessment of data against the AAMCO technical database—the most extensive collection of transmission computer diagnostic information anywhere.
  • Cross-reference with AAMCO's Kwiktest PlusBox to identify transmission problems both inside and outside the assembly with greater accuracy.

These on-board computer systems rely on a complex array of sensors and electronic components to monitor performance, and they are also susceptible to failure. That's why our expert technicians will also look for problems in the electronic sensors, solenoids, and wiring.

Between our comprehensive external exam and advanced computer scans, our technicians identify only minor issues in over half of the cars we service. You may receive a quote for unnecessary repairs, or worse, inadequate transmissions repairs and/or coverage from a competitor. Only AAMCO Transmissions and Total Care Car of Vancouver can provide the assurance that comes with one of the strongest nationwide warranties in the business with allrepairs.

We'll only recommend major transmission service after performing a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, and we'll only use high-quality components to ensure a solid repair. And if you do want to save on long-term car maintenance, we also provide great savings with several extended coverage options—up to the life of the vehicle—and AAMCO Rewards Club discounts.

Our commitment to honest customer service and reliable auto maintenance has made us the largest auto repair network nationwide, which means that we'll always be there to help you when you need it most.

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