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2750 Arbutus St.
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Brake Repair Vancouver

Brake Repair Technician AAMCO VancouverIt's  easy to overlook brake system maintenance when it works normally, but the cumulative stress of stopping thousands of pounds several times every day will wear down your brake pads/shoes and other components.

Spotting the signs of brake wear is a fundamental part of brake maintenance and can help you avoid damaging the rotors. Look for these signs of brake pad wear:

Audible Signs
Most brakes will normally squeal due to dirt or moisture becoming trapped in between the rotor and brake pad, but these sounds typically do not indicate severe damage. However, beware of a noticeable and persistent squealing every time you hit the brakes, as this suggests that the brake pads have worn down and the wear indicator (a small metal pin embedded in the pad) is freely contacting the rotor. It does not damage your rotors, but ignoring it can eventually allow the steel mounts to grind against the rotor, resulting in potentially serious damage.

Visual Signs
The wear indicator can occasionally fall off or it may not even be present on cheaper aftermarket parts, but brake pads and rotors can be inspected through the wheel spokes. Examine the brake pads and replace them when they are less than one-quarter of an inch thick. You may also look for signs of scoring or warping on the rotors. A service specialist can resurface the rotor and eliminate light wear, but extensive damage will require replacements.

Replacing the brake pads is much cheaper than replacing the rotors, and with regular maintenance you'll save on brake repair costs and keep your car safe.

The brake pads and rotors are often the first components to suffer damage, but other items in the brake system can become worn out as well. That's why it's important to schedule a brake inspection annually, or sooner if you notice symptoms such as tugging to one side while braking, shuddering, a loose brake pedal, or a dashboard warning light.

Even vehicles with more advanced traction control or anti-lock brake systems will require periodic maintenance to replace worn components and ensure that your car is running as safely and efficiently as possible. AAMCO-certified technicians will examine brake hardware such as the when cylinders, master cylinder, hoses and lines, and condition of the brake fluid.

AAMCO Brake System Service includes:

  • Replacement of worn pads/shoes
  • Repacking wheel bearings as needed
  • Lubrication for specified components
  • Resurfacing of rotors and drums (may need replacement if wear is excessive)
  • Replacement of other components based on findings of inspection
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Parking brake adjustment
  • Diagnostic road test
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